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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) About the LASIK Eye Surgery

At Personal Eye Centre, we will like to address some of our patients’ most vital and commonly asked questions. Moreover, we have a team of experts with loads of experience in ophthalmology. At the same time, we may also be addressing some of the questions you never thought of, or people have assumed their answers. In latter cases, these erroneous beliefs have become myths concerning LASIK eye surgery.

“How long does LASIK Procedure take me off work?”

Many people in the workforce begin to wonder how long they will be off work once they get surgery LASIK. Here is the excellent news: you can go back to work the next day if you like because you will be that fit. If you want to make this further possible, schedule your LASIK procedure for an afternoon or evening where you get to sleep afterward. You can get as fit as a fiddle the following day and get back to everyday life. 

The vast majority of LASIK patients get to do very well the following day to their LASIK surgery. To begin with, the surgery procedure itself does not last more than 20 minutes for the two eyes. And the implication is that you have ample time for your body to readjust and produce an excellent vision through the newly adjusted procedure. More so, your eyes feel comfortable the next day for most patients, which means there is no problem going back to work if you so wish.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) About the LASIK Eye Surgery

In contrast, if you undergo the PRK laser surgery and not LASIK, you may require a little more time to recover fully. Even at that, there are strong enough patients to get back on their feet the next day after a PRK surgery. Others may spend a few weeks before they feel more comfortable getting back to work to continue with life. So, you see, it also varies from patient to patient. But most people recover as quickly as possible. 

“How long do I have to suspend tanning after a LASIK procedure?”

As a professional surgeon, the official full recovery time for the LASIK procedure is up to two weeks. That is not a contradiction to what we stated above. You can return to work indeed the following day after your LASIK procedure. However, there are certain activities that you need to reintroduce bit by bit to allow the body to adjust sufficiently to the new normal. Significantly if these activities directly influence your eyes, it is better to give them time.

One of such activities is sun tanning after the LASIK surgery. Presently, no definitive studies state the kind of damage or the extent of the damage on the eyes after LASIK surgery. However, medical science already establishes that UV light can damage the cells and tissues of the cornea, retina, and even the lens, which is why you need sunglasses. Moreover, we can guess that natural tanning after the LASIK procedure may not be good in the first few weeks. learn more about sun tanning at

Therefore stay off tanning beds for the first two weeks to fully recover. And when you get back to tanning, always wear UV protection sunglasses, especially when outside. Meanwhile, concerning tanning beds, you need to hold off for about two weeks before returning. As an alternative, you can use some protective goggles for your eyes. On the other hand, whether you had LASIK or not, your eyes are worth caring for in as many years to come. 

What are the red spots on my white eye portion after LASIK?

After a typical LASIK procedure, you may find some red spots on the white part of the eyes. What do they represent? This question is one of the rarest ones, but the answer is straightforward. The red spots are bruises on the eye portion while the LASIK procedure is going on. For instance, while laser eye surgery is going on, there are little broken blood vessels that don’t necessarily hurt. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) About the LASIK Eye Surgery

Of course, during the procedure, your eyes were still and nice-looking. And in the same first part of the LASIK procedure, a suction rink is used in the form of an IntraLase to create the LASIK flap. The flap allows the surgeon to reach your cornea and make the necessary reshaping and adjustment for perfect vision. However, here is the good news; the red spots you see today will soon see them no more. 

The spots are not there forever, so you need not worry. In addition, the spots disappear in about three weeks. Don’t let anyone scare you about the red dots as if something terrible has happened to your eyes. In about two weeks, the blood vessels will reconnect and heal up. Then you can continue with everyday life and enjoy your time. 

“Do I still need glasses after undergoing the LASIK procedure?”

Some patients have heard that they still need to keep wearing their glasses even after the LASIK procedure. The question I love to ask is, why did you go for the eye surgery in the first place if not to correct the refractive error? The argument of such people who believe the myth is that LASIK only provides a moderate treatment of your vision and is not thorough in giving you a perfect picture. That myth cannot be farther from the truth.

The truth is that we have seen a few patients whose vision did not become 20/20 perfect. But it is never the case of the majority because most people can completely do away with their glasses and contact lenses once the LASIK procedure is successful. Based on the current statistics, over eight people out of every ten who undergo LASIK do not need their glasses or contact lenses anymore.  Choosing LASIK as a Refractive Eye Surgery Option

“Are LASIK side-effects severe and permanent?”

This question subtly agrees that everyone who undergoes LASIK experience side effects. That is untrue. Moreover, laser eye surgery involving LASIK is a minimally invasive procedure. Still, it requires some careful steps for a perfect result. Ideally, all medical procedures require some time to recuperate and recover to total activity, no matter how minor, and LASIK is no different. So, the eyes are healing for the first two days, and it is only normal to feel somehow unusual. 

However, let it be clearly stated here that these feelings are usually mild and temporary. Meanwhile, the way to be sure is to keep up with your doctor’s post-operative appointments within the hours of that recovery. In such sessions, you can describe how you feel to your surgeon, and he can advise you on what to do or not do. Afterward, you can still trust that it may take some more days before all things could be restored to how they used to be. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) About the LASIK Eye Surgery

Conclusion on LASIK FAQs

Finally, the appropriate body in Australia oversees the affairs of going for LASIK eye surgeries. Moreover, your assurance of good hands begins with the Personal Eye Clinic, and our team of expert ophthalmologists is ready to restore your perfect vision.